What do u do when things get murkier even with all efforts??

I’ve had a lot to put up with lately. I have been told not to indulge in writing anymore. There’s every reason to believe I’m screwed!! And, I don’t deny that either. Except that I really don’t think I should be doing what others ask me to, all the time.

Things don’t go your way & the only thing u wanna do is kill yourself…but, what if your spirit starts roaming around. Funny!! But, you never know!

Just 21 & I’ve seen how suddenly things can change completely for the better and for the worse as well. Nature has a different way of answering your prayers. She will grant it, but, with a new twist. Why? Because we’ll get lazier without further challenges..

I seriously don’t think it is the end. Battling depression & having angry people around me is serious. But, what has seriousness given me so far? A broken heart (which broke for the 2nd time yesterday), a failed internship & a failed first job! Add to that tonnes of ego & frustration.

Maybe, our elders are right! The day u die, none of this will actually matter. How long it does is all our choice.


2 thoughts on “What do u do when things get murkier even with all efforts??

  1. wish you luck for the years ahead.. this is definitely building the spirit of a versatile writer in you. all the best.

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