Why I will Never Credit you for anything you do?

StockSnap_Ryan Moreno.jpgIf you can’t be selfless here, you better not help me at all.

I hate giving credits. No, not for the pictures or the words created by others that I use. That would be plagiarism, wouldn’t it?

I don’t like when people come to me and claim that I need to treat them well, irrespective of how they treated me, because they “supported me through bad times in life.”

Or because “I got the job because of their recommendation.” If that was so, why would I need to appear for a 2 hour test plus an interview and get to know upon joining that everyone is sceptical about a 23-year-old joining a leading daily.

That does not automatically give you the right to claim all the success I achieved and put it in your cap.

I’m not going to be forever indebted to anyone for whatever they did for me at one point in my life.

When people come accusing you of misbehavior, they don’t bother to know why you feel so vengeful and angry.

We have forgotten to listen. The one thing people have these days is opinions, free advice – often without any knowledge of what they are talking about or the reason behind the person behaving in a particular way.

“This is not what I’d like to hear after what I did for you.” No, you wouldn’t.

Neither did me – that night you cut the damn phone and got lost in some movie when I wanted to really talk through what happened. And asked me to “Get Lost”. The whole night was a nightmare with the worst dreams coming true.

My metro-borne relatives take away the credit of my achievements and attribute to the “exposure I had in New Delhi.” I was barely 6 when I left the city. All I get to hear now is an obnoxious tongue accompanied by narcissism and me getting stripped off what I learnt and applied over a long period of time.

This is akin to Indian parents emotionally manipulating their kids when they say, “We didn’t give birth to you or raise you for this!” All you want to do is make certain tough decisions, take risks and learn from it. Opt for an off-beat career. Or marry a person of your choice.

A ship is useless if it doesn’t sail far into the sea and braves storm and accidents.

I am not the smartest person around. And I know it.

Regardless, I cannot let it lock me in the house. Or hang a noose around my neck. There are people with low IQ, people who take their own sweet time to grasp things. And they face their share of problems.

But, if anything, they don’t settle for it and let it take over their lives. At least, the courageous ones don’t.

I have that kind of courage – I didn’t go running to my mother when I saw someone expressing an interest in me; I didn’t blame them when I didn’t have the balls to accept my involvement. I have been hurt, but did not let it cloud my self-confidence – I still tell my parents I am going to choose my life partner myself.

No matter how much of a one-sided lover I have been in this “casual sex” culture and struggling to fit in, I’d still listen to what I want, like I always did.

Even if it sucks later, even if I don’t get anything out of it. At least, I will not blame anyone else for it. Or credit someone for it – no one tells me to be serious about relationships, you see.

StockSnap_Ryan Tauss.jpg

The one reason I love driving is for the autonomy it gives. The charge I feel I am in for my own life and for others. Big responsibility, scares me, but worth it, nonetheless.

Am I gonna give credit to anyone for this? No.

The last time my parents were indebted to someone, he ended up spreading deadly infection at our house.

Help me all you want. But, know that, your acts won’t call for a lifetime of debt from my part. I’ll shower you with love, care (God forbid if I fall for you), but I will not credit you.

It’s mine. And I won’t let you push me back to the passenger seat.


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