​Laid off? Fired? Not the End of the World

You just need two things – Discipline and Patience

Radiance Hair Clinic,  Yada yada company, fibreglass, Sunshine Coast…….oh my God! All of these are what I write about.
I live in India. The only thing close to my home is the hair clinic mentioned above. I have been to hair clinics as part of my work assignment when I was working in the biggest print media brand of the country. Funny people!

My freelance writing work takes away all of my time.  I was busy with my tablet throughout my sabbatical and earned the ire of my relatives who were all, “Look at this busy snooty girl over here! As if she’s the CEO somewhere!”. People talk, you know and as you grow up you understand how to deal with such people.

Now, the one reason why I had to struggle to complete my assignment then and now is because of lack of planning. No, don’t think it will be detailed to the minimum. Being meticulous is great but sometimes it’s just not possible. While I was working, I’d decide in my mind how many articles I’d finish my first hour, by second hour, by the time I leave office and late at night.  I was very productive and stressed.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

As a literature student, I dream of reading – everything. Magazines,  books, course materials, online posts and more. A fulfilling day is one where I read the maximum. Such fulfilling days rarely come because, woohoo, technology! But, that is what I had planned to do when I was facing dilemma at work and knew I’d be laid off. I wanted to catch up on all that I didn’t do in the last one and a half years.

That includes sleeping late too.

How would I do all that? The days pass by in a whiff, like they did during summer vacations. I spent first 15 days out of station with extended family attending ridiculous sexist functions and peering at my tablet in frustration.  I hate gatherings!

Discipline is the key word here! 

I wake up early, automatically. It will be a routine now because I’ll be getting back to driving practice. But, I wake up early and find I have time to accommodate all my shit. Yet, social media takes up my time. My phone loses its charge by early evening. That never happened before. We millenials are total smartphone addicts. And when you let “I don’t have a job” echo in your mind all the time, you forget that you do have a job –

  1. Who’s gonna try hard to be a good freelance writer?
  2. Who’s gonna read all those novels and books I bought over the last one year?
  3. Who’s gonna maintain a journal and vent frustration there instead of on social media where people do nothing except find fodder for gossip?
  4. Who’s gonna keep her content output consistent on Medium, Quora and LinkedIn?
  5. Who’s gonna update her blog, especially after the sudden surge in content there which led digital marketing companies to follow her?
  6. There is a reason why the company which throws you out comes back to you within 15 days and asks you to freelance for them. How ridiculous that is! But, corporates work in strange ways, especially when market is down and out. They suck so bad! I feel like laughing my heart out.

See? That’s one advantage of being laid off. Company policies are not for you.  So damn cool! Just make sure they pay on time. People are very loose with freelancers.


Generating good content gives me energy. Whenever I write for Medium or Quora or even LinkedIn, it gives me some sort of energy. The fact that I made 20 posts on my blog within a month speaks what more I can do now that I don’t have to pretend to work for a company.  The more you generate, the more you receive. If not any of that, you always learn.
I spent a lot of my time at work on Quora. It opened so many doors for me. I learnt some life hacks – I haven’t opened my contact details on phone in years  (life hacks). I read amazing ideas by some of the greatest writers, entrepreneurs and digital marketers. Seem real amazing women out there, some real brave people who pull together so many opposing thing.  Man! Do I love those!

I’ll tell you.  Even on Facebook and Twitter, if you follow some real good pages and people, you will learn a lot. I found Quora through Facebook and Medium through Quora.

All these mediums require different kind of content. However,  there are times when audience surprises you. One of my posts on women sexuality received more views than others. You never know what might work. Which is why you do whatever you can and do your best to make things work.

I could have quit my job before. I could have been a teacher instead. I could have simply married. I didn’t. Because I didn’t want to let some things go. This is not to say I’m not tempted. But, I can’t forgo discipline.

Patience and discipline.

If you wish to be successful in any small, little thing that you want to do – be patient, be disciplined.

Not easy! But necessary!

So, you try and let me try too.

(Headache! Got to sleep)


One thought on “​Laid off? Fired? Not the End of the World

  1. Loved your little piece. i can see why the ‘Passion ka bhoot’ video so resonated with you. As someone who is starting his own venture, I so resonate with you. Happy writing! ☺

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