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Inkward bound

People believe in a lot of things. Things that give them happiness, that let them sleep in peace, succeed in life and move on. People have a lot of faiths. That are stronger than bloodlines. That have led to bloodbaths.

For Rune, faith was always subjective. She was always scared in putting her beliefs in abstract entities. After all, how could an invisible being surrounded by celestial bodies, light years away from her make sure that her pre-boards wouldn’t get fucked? Hence she started resorting to a different kind of faith. One her mother did not understand.

Maa understood it a little bit when she flew to London to study literature. She then understood it a little more when she took up a job as an Assistant Editor. Rune had never understood any other kind of faith. When she scribbled in her black Moleskin and a particularly dazzling paragraph delighted…

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